For Parents


Information for New Referrals

If you are a parent looking to book your child for an initial consultation with our paediatrician, please note that our current wait time is estimated to be 7 months. We are unable to make any bookings or place your child on a cancellation list without a referral from your GP. Since this is a solo part-time practice, we have our limitations and therefore we triage all incoming referrals. Triaging involves:

a. Reviewing the reason for referral 

b. Let the patient/parent know if we can accept the referral 

c. If patient needs to be seen sooner and we are unable to offer an appointment soon enough, the referring GP will be informed so that the patient can seek an appointment elsewhere. 

 If your query is regarding a medical issue, please speak with your GP first to organize a referral. Based on the information provided by your GP, we can prioritize an appointment to see your child.